Another Good Day ~HD’s Hubby

Here’s the latest from the Neuro-Oncologist. First of all, a big sigh of relief. Second of all, never get your diagnosis from a Neurological Surgeon. Although we love him, and he is a great surgeon (if you need one I’ll give you his name.), he did not leave much room for detail.
He was right, the tumor is an Astrocytoma grade 3, and the average life expectancy is 3 to 5 years. But lets remember that average is a mix of 80yr olds, 50yr olds, 30yr olds etc etc… not to mention, smokers or heart patients or whatever. Heather is only 32 and in perfect health. Look at it this way, if I told you that the entire 3rd grade was going to be given a C for a grade no matter what, all the A students would think that is totally crazy, All the F students would think that was great. the tumor that was in Heather’s brain is just barely a stage 3. Therefore you cannot say that she is a C student but much better. Another great thing is that our great surgeon was able to take out 99% of the tumor, that’s almost like starting over. He said that it was there for several years. Which means, if there are any microscopic cells (which there probably are) they would still grow fairly slow.(by the way Heather is correcting all my typos as we speak, and of course laughing at me.)

He cautiously used the cure word. Once Heather’s head wound is all healed up, she will start radiation and chemotherapy treatments at Moffit Cancer Center in Tampa, FL. They will be in close contact with the Mayo Dr.’s. The cool thing about the chemotherapy is that it’s done with pills that have a drug built in to them to minimize the side effects, and that is good. The Hand of God will either Kill the Cancer or He will use the drugs to do it.

Astrocytoma vs. Olioglioma or however you spell it.
If the genetic study of this tumor comes back as an Olioglioma then that is even better news because that type is the least agressive in the tumor family. The only reason they say this, is that it looks like a Olioglioma but has cell division like an Astrocyoma. If it is an Olioglioma it would be a stage 2 tumor but treated the same.

There you Have it.
We are going home tomorrow yippee. See you later Rochester, MN. We love our new friends from there.
Special thanks to our new Brothers and Sisters in Christ. Yes that means you.

“This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.”
such a simple verse, yet means more to me this day than most others.

We Keep Pressin On.
HD’s Hubby

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  1. always thinking of you and glad to hear of the wonderful progress heather is making. to borrow the words of Pastor Hezekiah Walker: reap the harvest that God has promised you; take back what the devil stole from you. Know that your God is faithful!

  2. Praise be to God . . . so glad you’re going home. You and your family are held up in my prayers daily.

  3. You keep “pressin on” while this army of believers prays you through.

  4. Good news! I will keep on praying for you!

  5. Me too!

  6. My heart is encouraged by how you guys are handling and looking at what God has allowed to cross your paths in life!! My DH and I (as we wait for his PSA results this week) feel the same… God is holding us in his hands and guiding our every step and it will all be good. We are praying and praying! His will is always best, no matter what it is and we are resigned to it! :) Hang in there, Heather, and think of all those who love you.

  7. We are continuing to pray!!

  8. What good news! We are still praying. God Bless!

  9. Heather & Family, Thinking of you and continuing to pray for complete healing.Praying your getting stronger with each day. God Bless.

  10. Blessings and prayers to you all. xxxooo Gretchen

  11. Hi, to you all (I’m including everyone who knows and loves you both in this ‘all.’)

    I found this blog accidentally after stumbling onto the blog of a friend of yours while looking for victorian exterior paint schemes for my best friend, Heather. My older sister is also Heather. I’m surrounded by them, and I’m very touched by your diagnosis as this, too seems to be a common theme in my life- cancer.

    I’m adding you to the prayer board at work- a non-profit Christian clinic for needy in Lawrence, KS: The Leo Center

    Amazing things can happen through love, faith, and prayer, and I just wanted to drop you a, “Hello, God bless!” because I don’t really believe in accidents- Cheers! -Renee

  12. Praise God!! We’ll continue to have you in my prayers

  13. I’m sorry. I was so excited to see the wonderful news on your blog that I entered my address wrong and wanted to correct it.

  14. I stumbled upon your website looking for other info.

    This is a hearfelt response to let you know that my 51-1/2 year old husband will celebrate his 20 years of a Anaplastic Astrocytoma Grade III in August of this year. Don’t put a lot of stock in the prognosis. Jerry’s prognosis was 18 months in 1987.

    Prayers and thoughts are with you


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