Holding My Head High

I realize that I hadn’t posted a picture yet, so here I go…

This is me coming out of surgery. I am sleeping peacefully, oblivious to what just happened in my head. I went down to the ICU and slept some more, so I am told.


This is my incision. I had my staples removed today, which hurt like a big dog.


This is me today. I will lose my hair around the spot that the brain tumor was when I go to radiation. I am okay with that, a little sad but okay. All in all it is a small price to pay for complete health…


So there you have it. I have speech therapy this afternoon. And my mom is scheduling radiation for me as we speak. Im losing weight, but that is to be expected. Stress and not eating will do that to you! I will lose more weight when I go through radiation and chemo, so…. I need to eat more, but I have little to no appetite lately.

I am emotionally doing okay. I hear a song on the radio and I break down, but that is to be expected to. I want to be here for my husband and my children. I want to watch them grow old, get married and I want to have grandbabies. Oh how I want to have grandbabies…

I love my life, I love my husband. I love my children. I love my parents.

This is all for them. Because I wouldn’t be who I am today without them. I wouldn’t be where I am today without them.

I love my life…

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  1. Barbara says:

    Heather, you look absolutely radiant!!!! Your story has really touched my life and I have been praying for you. Thank you so much for sharing yourself, your family, and your faith with all of us. You have blessed my life beyond measure and I will continue to pray for you. (((HUGS))) from TX!

  2. Many prayers are being said. Many kind words are being shared. If only we could just hug you through this tube thing. Here is a wimpy cyber hug, sent with much love.{{{{{Hugs}}}}}

  3. Rebecca says:

    You look beautiful, Heather… thanks so much for sharing these precious pictures with us. You are such an amazing inspiration and blessing to me… and I will continue to pray for your continued healing, strength and peace.

  4. Heather… so glad you are back to posting! You are an amazing person with such a strong spirit and I can truly feel how much you love God, life and your family! I am continuing to pray for you all!

  5. “He Measured And Brought Me Through”

    Ezekiel 3:4

    That weakness and pain so hard to bear

    That sorrow and trial too,

    It did not last – it passed away,

    He measured ~ and brought me through.

    Not a moment too long did it remain,

    Though t’was hard to bear ’tis true.

    But there came an end, with a spritiual gain,

    He measured ~ and brought me through.

    In a wonderful way He revealed Himself,

    In a way entirely new,

    Jehovah that healeth thee,

    He measured ~ and brought me through.

    Tis always so with our loving Lord,

    Be the trials many or few,

    He times them all – His appointed time,

    He measures ~ and brings us through.

    Child of God in trial, it will soon end

    Trust Him for His word is true,

    Be patient and wait, in His good time

    He’ll measure ~ and bring you through.

  6. Wow, you look like a little girl in the hospital bed. Praise God you are doing well. I well remember my Timoni in ICU with her Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever the non-spotted variety…very rare, like your tumor.

    Praying still for a quick healing and what a blessed Mother’s Day you had.


  7. Heather;

    Sending you a big hug (((((((hug)))))))))
    What an amazing testimony-hey and emotions are okay, even Jesus wept. (we were made in His image and likeness remember! 😉

    Praying that our wonderful God floods you with peace and and his perfect healing!

    Mama to 6
    one homemade-5 adopted!
    God is amazing

  8. Wow. Dahling, you look MAHHHVELOUS!!

    Seriously, how do you look so good??? My mother’s after-brain-tumor-removal photos had to be sealed away. We’re talking SCARY stuff. But you?


  9. Hey,
    You look wonderful on the outside and I know even better on the inside. Keeping you and your family in Prayers.
    Laura Watt

  10. Ummmm … yeah! You look stinkin’ hot!

    If you lose a patch of hair, maybe you’ll start a new “thing” – like Cyndi Lauper did in the 80’s with the long on one side and short on the other “thing.”


  11. Honestly, I wish I looked as good as you do in that pic! :-)

  12. You look beautiful. Absolutely wonderful. Like the above commenter, I wish I looked so good!!

    You are a testimony of God’s grace. Still praying.

  13. You are STILL beautiful!!

  14. Oh, and I like the backsplash of your tub!
    Nice colors!

  15. Heather, you are beautiful!

  16. Wonderful to see you looking so good!

    A lot of prayers answered and yet we’re all still holding you in prayer.

  17. Heather, I am so grateful to you for posting these pictures. You are beautiful.

    I am praying for you and your family everyday.

  18. It was great to *see* you and always a pleasure to hear from you. You continue to be in my prayers as the Lord lays you on my heart.

  19. I’m new here.. and everyone has said it already, but you are still so beautiful. What that has to do with anything regarding your life.. is probably meaningless in comparison to how much you want to see your children grow and be a grandma.. but for us, we see your beauty and it give us hope. Hope that cancer isn’t a death sentence, it’s a trial, a challenge.. but we can get through it with grace.. and with HIS LOVE.

    Hold tight to Him. Hold tight

  20. you are beautiful with or without hair!!!


  21. You are beautiful, inside and out!

  22. You are amazing Heather. I started visiting your blog right before your surgery–found you through another blog-anyway–I want you to know how amazing you are and brave. My prayers are with you.

  23. Okay, I’m crying again. Because I want so much for you to have the life you love and want. And because I am happy that you came through that big, big operation so wonderfully. And because of your bravery and your sharing.


  24. Praying for you today and for that wonderful family that inspires you to fight and survive!!!

    Love because of HIM!
    Elysa Mac

  25. You are beautiful Girlfriend. I think of you and your grace daily. xoxox

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