Count your blessings, name them one by one…

I had an entire post written out on how many times Satan tried to bring me down yesterday, but instead I am going to list my blessings and forget about the rest. :)

  • I am alive.
  • I have loving and super supportive parents who would do anything for me.
  • I have a husband who dearly loves me, and tells me so often.
  • I have 3 beautiful children
  • I am amazingly gifted in web design, although I have chosen not to do it right now.
  • I have so many friends, too many to count.
  • I have an amazing best friend, Laura. She blesses me daily.
  • I know my savior loves me, even in my darkest times.
  • I have come to realize that being a Christian doesn’t equal being a doormat, and forgiveness is a long long journey. And thats okay.
  • I have a church family who honestly blow me away.
  • I have cancer, but it doesn’t have me.

Choose to start this day looking at your blessings. Trust me, Satan wants nothing more than to steal your joy. Today you have a clean slate, so to speak….

Choose wisely what you fill it with!

Edited to add:
I received an email just now pointing me to another cancer blogger who is struggling with the concept of how God could forsake her. If you have a moment, please visit Minerva and leave her a comment. She really could use some encouragement today, especially today. Thanks.

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  1. Hi Heather,
    I have written you once before, I believe. My sister is diagnosed with GBM and although she lives in Minnesota, Dr. Uhm is her neuro-oncologist as well. He is a brilliant man. Although I’m not in your shoes, I know what it’s like to live in this new brain tumor world and there are definitely those down days. You need to allow yourself to have them, to wallow for a bit, and then tomorrow may be a better day. My sister has two little children at home, just 3 and 1, and some days it’s so depressing not being able to be the “normal” mom she used to be. Like it or not, life has changed, but wonderful things have come of this too (don’t get me wrong, I’d change it in a second!). I’m with you and praying for you and keeping you in my thoughts.

  2. Heather,
    Thank you for posting your blessings. We always have something to be thankful for, don’t we? I know how Satan tries to rob us of joy and trust in the Savior as I experienced that this week as I was waiting for my scan. The fear was overwhelming for some reason and I just could not seem to escape it no matter how much I prayed. One day, however, while praying in the car ( I was not driving ha!) I looked up to see the car in front of me had a license plate that said, “Peace”. How awesome are God’s answers to prayer! Keep trusting even when you do not “feel” anything! Our relationship with him is based on so much more than how we feel at a given moment or on what experiences we have. It is about abiding in Him and being found faithful.
    Praying always for you!

  3. Kathy Chambers says:

    Reading you daily~Praying For you daily~Remembering you daily~Loving you daily, in Christ! Thank you for ministering to my heart, personally~

  4. Heather, I just wanted to tell you what an inspiration you are! You are a very special woman to hold the faith that you do in your trials. You are touching many lives. I will hold you in my prayers. You have a gift of inspiration!
    ~ Audrey ~

  5. Thanks for being so open and honest with us. And reminding us that we ARE blessed. There was a great devotional I read today about being blessed and that it’s not about having things or feeling good but about being turned from the sin in our lives. I had never heard it put that way and then you seemed to echo that here. I must be needing that, huh? Bless you girl!


  6. angeleyes Blue says:

    Stay Strong–YOU stay strong!

  7. you are strong and inspirational. you have chosen to use what satan set out to destroy you with and instead turn around and use it to defeat him. praise God! thank you. i too believe and KNOW God is the our healer, the ulitimate comforter. you have increased my hope and faith today! i can’t thank you enough.

  8. “In everything gives thanks, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” The Lord knows that we NEED to give thanks. Without focusing on our blessings it’s just way too easy to be overwhelmed by despair. He IS good. He is good ALL THE TIME!

  9. Heather, I am no one to say things better than you as you have gone through bitter times. But one thing I can assure you, God is using you to make lots of people closer to Him – like in my case.

    I was just searching for the lyrics of the song “Count your blessings”, then accidently I came across your site. It was an eye opener to me. I have complained and questioned God, why things could happen to me the way they have. But seeing your faith, I am thanking God. Even though not affected by sickness, I have had lots of tragedies in my life. I have thought of suiciding thousands of times. But the teaching by my mother and church which I had received before, made me rethink each time that I will be eternally lost in hell. Nowadays I am much closer to God than old times.

    I will pray for you as my elder sister.

    May God bless His sweet daughter!

  10. What A Friend we have in Jesus!


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