precious people…


“Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born
until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.”

Picks of Hope: My daughter. Need I say more :)

Hope Untethered: Michelle has been my very dear & best friend for the last 3 years. She has walked with me through my cancer journey & I cannot thank her enough for her amazing friendship.

My 3 Boybarians: AMAZING DESIGNER. She and I became close friends while designing my blog. We are going to meet in real life this Friday when she is going to be taking pictures of my family! I am so excited to actually meet her and hug her neck!

simplyHIS Lisa was my room mate at SheSpeaks (and my sponsor, sorta!) She encouraged me to go sans wig through out the conference and I havent put my wig on since…:) I stayed at her house, her dog attacked me, her daughter amused me, and I just adored her and her entire family (minus the dog!) She quickly became one of my dearest friends.

The Nester What can I say… She is the queen of scarves! I met her at SheSpeaks and instantly bonded like we had known each other forever. Her and her amazing sister {mentioned later} are so very sweet. She has a wonderful website where she gives out oodles of decorating ideas on little to no budget.

The Other Mama: She is Her posts literally make me snort. She and I met at SheSpeaks {if you didn’t go, you MUST go next year!} and her blog design was the inspiration for my current masterpiece from Darcy.

chatting at the sky: She is the most sweetest loving person. Emily is “The Nester’s” sister and is a mad woman behind a camera. She and I met at SheSpeaks {of course!} and I just love her to death. Her blog is home to Tuesdays Unwrapped.

My home Sweet Home: Dawn homeschools 8 children. EIGHT! She and I met at ….{can you guess?} Shespeaks where we instantly bonded over the fact that we were both Homeschooling moms. She also is a mad woman behind the camera and I am so very thankful for her precious encouragement. She and I were asked on the very same day to be contributors at {in}courage.

holy experience: Her blog name says it all. When you visit her blog, you are literally on holy ground. She and I are contributors at {in}courage but I have been long time reader of her blog.

Selah~Pause.Ponder.Pray What can I say about LauraLee. Again, she is someone that I met at SheSpeaks, yet I honestly felt like I knew her for years. She is so worth your read {and friendship!}

I highly {in}courage you to visit all of these precious people…

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  1. That was just a dandy little tour of the blog world. Thanks. My hampers are still overflowing and my kitchen floor still resembles flypaper, but I’ve added to my feed reader, so it’s not like I haven’t gotten anything done. :-)

  2. I love that you used the word “dandy”! Reminds me of Texas :)
    {and yes… adding to your feed reader is a good start to the day}

  3. I love that you put all their beautiful buttons over there in your side bar, too!

  4. It is a blessing and honor to call you friend – Love you! Mwah!

  5. I was fortunate enough to meet most of those fabulous gals at She Speaks as well, including your sweet self. Can’t wait for this year =)

  6. Heart you!

    What a great list. I love all these girls… so grateful for the blogosphere.

    Without you (and many of the aforementioned girks) my life would not be as rich.

    Pray that this storms stays at bay. I can’t wait to meet your precious family.


  7. I think you are mighty precious yourself. I call my youngest daughter Precious (or actually The Precious!). Meeting you was one of the best parts of She Speaks. :-)

  8. You brought tears to my eyes today. I have been fighting that slow fade and not online very much. I decided to give myself permission for a break and to catch up with old friends. To come here and see that you’ve included me on your list … is beyond words for me. I’ve been struggling and even wondering why I bother blogging any more. You’ve just made me realize why I do. Because of the precious people behind the blogs that I read — the ones I get to meet and hug in person. It was such an honor to meet you, to have you stay at my house (though absolutely nothing to brag about), and even to have my dog bite you :) I’m amazed at how God used me in all of that.

    I love ya girl! Wish I could totally hug your neck right now and I promise, I’ll keep the dog outside next time!

  9. Um. Okay, number one, I love this blog design. Number two. You are a doll! What a sweet gift this post is. Thank you for your kind words. Will you be at BlissDom this year? I most certainly hope so, Ms. Especially Heather :)

  10. Hi sweet Heather,
    I’m just now seein’ this. How precious to me! So will you be at She Speaks again? Lord-willing, I will, and I can’t WAIT to hug your neck!

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