Holy Canoli!

You guys are awesome! You have officially bought Emma an Ipad! Gives me goosebumps!

My incourage girls want to help me with the software that Emma needs (proloquo2Go) and a sturdy case for her new IPad. They are going to donate their items to my etsy store (linked in my sidebar) and you still can buy the jewerly that is listed!

If you ordered your jewelry before 8am this morning, it was shipped out today… Everything else will be shipped out on Thursday. Thank you so much for your purchases and donations! I am utterly speechless at your kindness!

Here is a picture of Emma with her new ipad:

I am in awe!

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  1. Further proof that the Internet can be an amazing place!! This is just awesome. I just ordered a necklace. I told my hubby (who is out of town right now), on the phone last night that I wanted to buy a necklace to help in some way and that I just could not wait to see what God was going to do with this and here we are, not even 24 hours later and it is done! What a mighty God indeed!! 🙂

  2. Oh, and I have an Emma Grace too. She was born in May of 2001. I pray for your family and your Emma Grace 🙂

  3. What a blessing! Congrats.

  4. Thats wonderful news!

  5. Boy I missed a few days reading and how God has blessed Emma Grace…I love it…

  6. God is so cool! I love how He provides for us! Your Emma is truly blessed.

  7. Awesome news. Now I can’t wait to hear how she does with her new tool. Emma’s such an adorable gift from God and she is truly blessed to have you for a Mama!

  8. WoW! Wow! Wow! God is so amazing, gracious, and faithful! Yay! I just want to jump up and down with excitement for you!

  9. This is so great – I recently got an iPad and saw the app you are purchasing for Emma. I actually had thought about Emma when I saw it!

    The carrying case you are looking at is really great, but please also consider getting an actual protector case for the iPad – check out otterbox.com . They have protection cases that are virtually indestructible.


  10. I am AMENing April’s props of the otterbox.com. My husband bought one of their covers for his IPhone over a year ago and it is amazing. He takes it off and cleans it out every 2-4 weeks, but as April said, it is virtually indestructible! Worth the investment FOR SURE!

  11. Claire in CA, USA says:

    I went this morning and bought a pair of beautiful earrings. I hope you continue to sell items to bless your family and Emma Grace, especially. 🙂 Thank you for the update!

  12. It brings tears to my eyes that a world of people joined together to bless your family for such a meaningful and beautiful cause.

    The encouragements God brings to delight our hearts is truly incredible! Every time you see the iPad may you be reminded of His great love for you.

  13. Claire in CA, USA says:

    Heather, I just got my earrings, they are BEAUTIFUL! I put them on right away. 🙂

  14. What a blessing to see God’s grace….His love and mercy overflowing from others…