An Old Wooden Boat

Sometimes, life makes you feel like you are stranded in the ocean of despair with no hope of the horizon in sight. The waves of pain and sorrow rush upon you like tidal waves, bearing down on your soul. In the distance, you see just one oar floating beyond your reach, taunting you. You feel hopeless. You feel desperate.

You feel alone.

When Peter stepped out of the boat to follow Jesus, as long as he kept his eyes on his Lord he was safe. He was secure in the gaze of his Savior. Once he took his sight off Jesus and placed them on the waves around him, he felt stranded and began to sink.

When Peter cried out to the Lord and the Lord caught him, what were His words to Peter?

“Oh you of little faith, why did you doubt?”

When we feel alone, stranded in the middle of our own waves, Jesus is crying out to us just like he did Peter. He is asking us “Why did you take your eyes off of me and put them on the ‘stuff’ around you? Do you not believe that I am big enough and strong enough to handle all of this ‘stuff’? Do you not trust that I can and will save you from this?”

He has been asking me these question a lot lately. I have felt stranded in the ocean grief this month. I have felt like there is no horizon in sight, and that the oar is just beyond my reach. Yet, I know that my sight has not been firmly fixed on my savior during this time. I understand that.

Yet, at the same time it is easy for me to be enveloped in my own heartache that I fail to see that I am just like Peter outside of that boat.

And the Lord is asking me, “Heather, why do you doubt my love for you? Have I not been faithful to you through this? Why do you doubt my love for you?”

What you don’t realize….what I don’t realize is that just beyond the despair is hope. That “thing” that keeps us hanging on, despite what we have been through and experienced, It is hope. It wraps it’s arms around us and beckons us to follow.

Hope of tomorrow. Hope of a future. Hope of a new life.

All that is required of you is that you keep your eyes on Him.

He will hold your hand…

He will see you through

His promises will never change.

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  1. The first year is so hard. The pain from each “first without” compounding the last.

    You are lucky to have your faith.

  2. Memories followed by despair and grief come flooding in when a significant day comes around. How can it be a year? How can I miss her so much my heart is breaking? Why doesn’t this pain go away? Will I ever be ok again? Etc.. God know and feels your pain. Jesus will make a way for you to be whole again…not the same, but whole. You have been on my heart. Anniversaries are hard. Even though we have never met, know that you are loved and prayed for by many of us out here in cyber land.

  3. Heather,
    I know you are in pain but the Lord will heal you in his time. You are faithful to him and he will be faithful to you. If necessary just read water and the Lord will bring you to shore.

  4. Heather, I love your openness and transparency to share your struggles and your pain through this season of your life. He is faithful! He is right there beside you. I know you know this. I cannot imagine those days when you feel as if you are drowning in your pain. So thankful for the live raft that He continually puts out for me!

  5. Great encouraging post. God is so faithful if we just sit back on let him work in our lives. Keep trusting he can walk you through anything

  6. Thank you for sharing from your heart today! You encouraged me – Thank You! I will be praying for you! Keep writing…your words touch so many lives in such good ways! God is Good!