New Life…

                                                                                                                                                                ~My Dear Friend, Esty Loving


Taking a break, breathing in the fresh air around me…. did wonders for my perspective and my soul.  I was reminded that life really does have meaning, even after a loss.  That I “can” do this hard thing with out her.  That I am still here and that my family story  is not one of heart break and loss, but a story of hope, grace and most of all new beginnings.

Since the last time I wrote,  life has changed for me in small but measurable ways. Some, I believe, miraculous.  My cancer is still gone, almost 6 years later. My next MRI is scheduled for next Wednesday, but I am confident that it will all be fine.  I am off all of my meds, {yes, I was on antidepression and sleeping medication} It took me about one week to get off 3 drugs without one side ffect. That in and of itself is miraculous! Mark and I have started a church in South Sarasota called The Gathering Place with our dear friends, Dan and Cathy Groff.  Easton {our daughter} is leading worship and the prayer room.  Mark and I celebrated our 18th anniversary {another miraculous event!} He took me to Old St. Augustine, Florida… We had a blast just spending time together &  getting to know each other once again…

All in all, life is going pretty good.  There are moments during my day where I stop and think about her and what it would be like if she were still here.  Thanksgiving day was brutal, because every where I looked, I was reminded of how she loved that time of year.  Christmas is going to be rough, because she loved loved loved all things related to Christmas.

But then, I stop and remember that it is Christmas all the time where she is at. 🙂

Despite my many losses and heartache, I really do have an awesome life with awesome people in it.

And as my dear friend Esty so eloquently said:


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  1. We have missed you! But I am so glad that you have found your stride. Your honesty is a blessing and something I tell others all the time that we women have to stop glossing over everything. hugs girl!

  2. It sounds like there are a lot of wonderful things happening as you move forward. We continue to mention you and your family in our special night prayer intentions. God is so good to us and with Him nothing is impossible although we don’t always understand His ways. May He continue to bless you and your family.

  3. I smiled when your post came through my reader. I am so thankful to hear that you are doing so well. I am excited about your new church. I attend a House of Prayer in California and sing on a worship team! I love your perspective on life.

  4. Oh Heather! I’m so glad to hear from you! God has a way of making joy and peace out of pain.

    For what it’s worth, I bet The gathering Place is, and will be, a blessing to your community. I’d love to visit someday!


  5. Delighted to hear all God is doing in and through your family! Praying for you and praising God with you!

  6. What a precious sweet blessing to read your post Heather. So happy how well your doing. Your so strong and amazing. Of course thanks to our sweet SAVIOR AND LORD JESUS CHRIST.

  7. Times by tenth Avenue North.

  8. Thanks Heather…I have missed you!

  9. I stumbled across your website and was moved. You and your husband are good brave people to go through what you have gone through with your cancer and the loss of your daughter. I wish you the best in everything.

  10. That quote at the beginning of your post is a needed reminder for me today. Beautiful and timely. Thank you, Heather.

  11. Hi Heather, I read your last post before christmas and was so happy with how you are living your life. I am wondering where you have been and hope all is well with you. I have always prayed for you. geri

  12. Just looking through my feed reader because I had some free time, and ran across your site. Long-time reader, but very rarely comment on blogs. See you haven’t posted in a while and thought I’d let you know you’re missed. 🙂