bruised…but not broken


It has been many moons since I last wrote on this blog. Nothing really major as happened, life moved on its normal course through the summer. I held a stiff upper lip through the births of friends babies, while silently screaming crying that life is just not fair. I would be lying if I said that … [Continue reading]

The Goal Isn’t Perfection…

Dear Lord, please help me remember that the goal isn’t perfection, it’s simply to be in an intimate relationship with you each day. Please help me remember in the busyness of my day, to seek you first. There is no better place for me than in your arms. Help me stay focused on you instead of my … [Continue reading]

Where I am..

I am trying.. to find the new me. to find my new spot. to find where I belong. I am learning.. who I am again. where I fit in again. how to live again. I am grieving.. for the lost time. for the life that was lost. for my life without her. I am hopeful.. that I can find my new … [Continue reading]

its all for You…

"Mountains bow down to give you glory, oceans will roar with praise. Creation breathes to tell Your story, and to lift up Your name because it's all for You. You are the Alpha & Omega, beginning and the end. You are the Lord my redeemer and in You alone I stand." -- Coffey Anderson {wont you … [Continue reading]